How does FVT install a BEV system in a rebuilt chassis without the original OEM models?

FVT uses the latest 3-D scanner technologies to quickly and accurately create a 3D model of the vehicle. Once the scanning and rendering are complete the design approach is the same as a new chassis.

How fast do the batteries charge?

All FVT batteries can be charged in 2 hours.

Does FVT build the equipment?

No. We design, build and install the drive systems. The chassis will be either from one of our OEM partners, or directly from a customer and rebuilt. FVT can also source good donor chassis from the used market.

How long do the batteries last?

FVT battery packs can be cycled 5000 times to 80% DOD. With typical underground duty cycles, FVT batteries will outlast the vehicle. We have a few packs underground that are in their 2nd chassis. Heavy duty applications with 24hr continuous operation will degrade the cells quicker. Keep in mind that 80% capacity does not mean the vehicle no longer operates. It just won’t run as long.

Are the batteries safe?

Despite news sensationalism, lithium battery incidents are incredibly rare. FVT packs have been underground since 2012.

Which vehicles can FVT supply?

All of them. For new machines, FVT is partnered with Epiroc, Clayton Locomotives, Total Equipment Services (TES), Kubota, and several others. For rebuilt machines, you can either supply us with a unit or we can procure a good donor that has a blown diesel engine, a hole in the fuel tank, and a defective catalytic converter