FVT Custom Lithium Packs

Mining equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. FVT has been designing and building custom packs since 2009.

  • Proven underground since 2012

  • 2-hour charge time

  • Lasts for life of vehicle - 5000+ cycles

  • Multiple safety systems & zero maintenance

  • 400V & 800V -Scalable from 22kWh - 750kWh

  • NMC chemistry - 240 wh/kg energy density

400V 22kWh pack
800V 45kWh pack
400V 135kWh pack

Batteries as a Service (BaaS)

As an Epiroc Certified Partner, FVT offers Epiroc’s BaaS (Batteries as a Service) option on larger equipment.

  • Eliminates up-front cost

  • Only pay for the energy you use

  • Eliminate the risk of owning batteries

  • Future proof

  • Compatible with FVT drive systems

  • UL/CSA certified

Epiroc battery


FVT chargers are liquid cooled, high-power, and compact. Vehicles with packs up to 200 kWh can have on-board charging and plug into any 3-phase jumbo plug in the mine.

  • 480V & 600V AC inputs

  • On-board charging power up to 100 kW

  • Off-board charging up to 1 MW

  • CSA/UL certified

  • Startco compatible

FVT charger