Underground work-horses

From water trucks to scissor lifts, boom trucks to large man-carriers, FVT’s drive systems power them all.

  • 2-hour on-board charging with 480V or 600V 3-phase input

  • High capacity battery packs last the whole shift

  • Telematics and data capture

  • Fully serviced and supported

Electric RTV X1140

FVT’s high quality M350 drive installed in Kubota’s mine-proven chassis. When the chassis gets tired FVT will transplant it into a brand new chassis. Rinse and repeat as many times as you would like.

  • 90 km range on flat

  • 20% grade speed of 20 km/h

  • 1000 lb payload

  • 2-hour charge time

  • 35 km/h top speed

  • Direct drive- no hydrostatic

Custom equipment and one-offs

FVT custom integrates BEV systems into most underground equipment- even the low-volume machines.

  • Custom battery packs that maintain full use of the vehicle

  • 2-hour charge time

  • On-board or off-board charger


FVT has 5 drop-in solutions for all power requirements

  • M350 - 350 N⋅m of torque for vehicles up to 2 tonnes

  • M500 - 500 N⋅m of torque for vehicles up to 5 tonnes

  • M1000- 1000 N⋅m of torque for vehicles up to 20 tonnes

  • M2000- 2000 N⋅m of torque for vehicles up to 60 tonnes

  • M4000- 4000 N⋅m of torque for vehicles up to 100 tonnes